The Eighties are a pleasant time span to remember, particularly at a party. Your visitors will truly get into this occasion, yet to keep them engaged you must set up certain artworks and games. One simple specialty that the visitors would all be able to bring home with them are Punk Antenna Heads. They'll fit the subject of your party and say something about the troublemaker culture of the eighties. 


Punk Antenna Head 


For this alarming party make thing you'll require the accompanying; 2 inch Styrofoam ball, 12 mm googly eye buttons, splendidly shaded line cleaner, make stick, acrylic paints in a few tones, splash matte completion sealer, counterfeit rhinestone dots. 


First you'll begin your eighties create thing by painting your Styrofoam ball a pink tissue tone with the acrylic paints. Let this dry. Then, at that point, paint or draw on a mouth. You can make it grin or scowl. Let that dry. acraftylatina


In the mean time, select a brilliantly shaded line cleaner and cut into one inch pieces. When your ball is dry, utilize one of the line cleaner parts of punch a progression of holes in the highest point of the ball looking like a Mohawk. You might wish to set your line cleaners in two columns near one another for a more full looking Mohawk. Spot a touch of paste in each opening and stick your line cleaner pieces into the openings. Let these dry. Your eighties make is practically done. 


When that is dry, shower on a layer of the splash matte completion sealer. Give dry access an all around ventilated region. This attempts to shield your radio wire head from the climate. 


Then, you'll stick on the two googly eyes and spot several phony rhinestone globules, as studs or simply enlivening accents. Presto! Your Punk Antenna Head from the eighties is finished! The visitors would now be able to shake on at that Eighties Party. 


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